Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Letter Home 8-28-2010

Dear family and friends,

Tavin is doing great! He loves the MTC. He was able to hear a devotional by Elder Jeffery R. Holland."he talked about how we are in a war of good and evil and this war has been going on since the begining of time. And the missionaries are the spiritual medics of this war. for we are bandaging the wound soul. For they have been attacked nonstop from satan and they are bleeding so we are out here to heal them so they can come unto Jesus Christ.I love you all and Keith you were right I did join Gods Army and I'm proud of it."(insert from Tavin's letter)He has been able to attend the Provo Temple this week with his district. His companion is Elder Jones from West Jordon, Utah. His departure from the MTC  is Sept. 8th. We will have new address soon.

Today he sent this Poem:
Serve with all your heart.
Don't live with regrets
A mission only comes once
Our calling is important for
They need us out here
Give everything that you have
and don't turn back
We are the Spiritual Medics
of an endless war.
God is asking us to preach his
gospel. Everything we do is God's
way not ours.
So Go, Go preach
his gospel.

"I love this church so much and I want Everyone to know."

Elder Tavin Wilson

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